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What We've Accomplished Together

As District 1 Supervisor, Susan often says it has been her privilege to represent her community, working with residents to accomplish a diverse range of goals and objectives.

Working Together On Our Issues

Every day brings new challenges, new information and new opportunities to work together for the best possible future. Here are some areas where Susan is working closely with the community to achieve results.

school Helping Our Schools

Concerns have been raised about possible impacts on the Dixie School District. Susan has asked the county administrator to bring to the Board of Supervisors the creation of a one-time fund to mitigate various impacts on our schools as raised by local residents.

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Quality of Life

With limited local grocery options and a blighted strip mall near her own home, Susan worked with her fellow residents to bring a neighborhood Farmers' Market and a new grocery store "The Marinwood Market". Where there was vandalism and graffiti, there are now fruits and vegetables and a full service market.

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